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Lilydale Sewerage Project

Following a review of Yarra Valley Water Community Sewer Program commitments and feedback from property owners in the area impacted by Lilydale Sewerage Project, the project is delayed. Yarra Valley Water apologise for any inconvenience.

We are in the planning stages of this project, which will provide sewerage services to properties in Lilydale that cannot contain their wastewater onsite.

This project will benefit the Lilydale community by:

  • Improving the health of local waterways
  • Protecting public health
  • Reducing sewer odours that are currently noticeable in the area
  • Providing a more liveable environment for locals and visitors to the area.

Launching Place sewerage project map


February 2020
Project updates care of

Over the past 12 months we have reviewed the sewerage service needs of properties in unsewered parts of Lilydale and captured feedback from property owners.

The initial design, presented to the community at an information session in October 2017, provided sewer connections to properties that were unable to contain wastewater within their boundary. This was approximately half of the investigation area.

Following feedback from the community, we have revised our service delivery approach and will provide sewerage connections to all properties within the investigation area. The properties impacted by this decision are shown on the Lilydale Sewerage Project area map.

We will now need to undertake additional work which will delay the delivery of this project. We expect the new sewerage network will be available in 2023.

We encourage you to continue maintaining your existing sewerage system and apologise for any inconvenience.


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