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Monbulk Sewer Connect

Monbulk Sewerage Project

Construction has finished and property owners in Monbulk can now connect to the new, modern sewerage service. Customers in Monbulk now have the option to flush and let Yarra Valley Water take care of their wastewater.
All properties in Monbulk are serviced by a pressure sewer system. No more septic tanks, boggy yards, unpleasant odours and polluted waterways.

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December 2021
Project updates care of

Approximately 1,000 properties in the Monbulk community will have the option to connect to the sewerage system. You’ll have the option to let Yarra Valley Water take care of your wastewater.

Yarra Valley Water is constructing a piped sewerage system for Monbulk Community Sewerage Area. Sewerage pipes in the streets will connect to your property and the sewage will be taken away to a sewage treatment plant. A piped sewerage system will provide a healthier and more efficient sewerage solution for Monbulk now and in the future.

Stage 1 is complete. Yarra Valley Water has installed 8.2 kilometres of pressure sewer pipes in the streets and provided 270 properties with a connection point. Customers in this area will be able to connect to the new sewerage service after Stages 2 and 3 are finished next year.

Stage 2
The sewage pump station at Baynes Park Reserve has taken shape and work on the electrical components is underway. We’re working with the Yarra Ranges Council and a landscaper on how we can blend the building and space into the natural environment, using local plant species where we can. We’ll be consulting with local environmental groups when concepts become available. As part of this stage, we’ll be working to decommission the old sewerage treatment plant near the creek that will be redundant after the pump station is operational. Expect some traffic disruptions on Baynes Park Road in the coming weeks as work on the large sewerage pipe along this road is completed.

Stage 3
Most streets in the southern section of Stage 3 are complete, with pipes in the ground and connection points installed to each property on the program. We’re now focussing on the final northern section along Monbulk and Carcoola Roads. Construction of the booster pump station on Moxhams Road will start in early 2022. Booster pump stations are an essential part of pressure sewerage systems, especially in hilly areas. They give sewage flow an added ‘boost’ to keep it moving through the sewerage system.

Stage 4
Yarra Valley Water has constructed seven out of nine kilometres of pipes in Stage 4. They expect to finish installing sewer pipes in the streets by early in the New Year. After this, focusing on installing the remaining 200 property connection points.


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