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Lower Plenty Sewerage Project

We’re pleased to let you know we’re working on the engineering design needed to bring a piped sewerage system to Lower Plenty.

Based on our current estimates we expect to finish the design by the end of the year and begin construction in 2023. 

During 2022, to complete the design and prepare for construction, you’ll see us and our specialist contractors undertaking surveying and investigative work in your neighbourhood. We’ll be:

  • Undertaking general surveying and assessments
  • Locating existing power, gas, water and telecommunications infrastructure
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Aboriginal cultural heritage investigation
  • Ecological and tree surveying.

This information will allow us to refine our engineering plans for the sewerage system and prepare for construction. There’s more detailed information about this work and how it will affect local residents in the January 2022 update below.

Once complete, the project , will provide sewerage services to properties in Lower Plenty that can’t contain their wastewater on-site. This project will benefit the Lower Plenty community by:

  • Improving the health of local waterways
  • Protecting public health
  • Reducing sewer odours that are currently noticeable in the area
  • Providing a more liveable environment for locals and visitors to the area.


Launching Place sewerage project map


January 2022
Project updates care of

Yarra Valley Water will be undertaking investigative work in Lower Plenty this year. It involves:

Surveying and assessments – surveyors and engineers will be walking around the area doing general surveying, reviews and assessments.

Service locating –  using ‘non-destructive digging’ to find existing power, gas, telecommunications, water and sewerage services in the ground. This investigation work involves ‘digging’ into road reserves and pathways using a high pressure water to dislodge soil. Using this equipment minimises risk of damage to existing pipes and infrastructure, as well as tree roots and vegetation.

Geotechnical sampling – small bore holes are drilled in different areas and soil and rock samples are analysed to help decide the best location for the sewerage pipes.

Cultural heritage investigation – to assess the potential impact of any proposed activity on Aboriginal cultural heritage. This is part of a Cultural Heritage Management Plan required under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006.

Ecological and tree surveying – to help determine the route of pipelines, reduce the need to disturb vegetation and to protect the environment.

This information will allow Yarra Valley Water to refine engineering plans for the sewerage system, and prepare for construction in 2023.

How will the works affect local traffic?

The geotechnical surveying work will involve some temporary road closures, speed reduction and detours in the area.

The investigations will be done progressively, and planned the works to minimise disruption for residents and visitors to the area. 

Yarra Valley Water contractors and traffic management will work closely with you to keep you moving.

What can I expect during these investigations?

You may notice:

  • Extra vehicles in the area
  • Some noise from drilling equipment and machinery reversing and using beepers for safety 
  • Some paint or chalk markings on the ground
  • Our staff and contractors walking around the area, and looking into individual properties.

Your water supply and pressure will not be affected during the works.


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